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My name is Samantha Gasca, and I'm a resident of New Lenox and I became a conservative at 18 years old (now 36). I studied at Illinois State University where I received my Bachelor of Science and first Master's Degree in Swine Nutrition and Behavior. I did my research at A&M University for my PhD for three years (I am ABD/All But Dissertation, meaning I completed everything for my PhD with the exception of my final paper/dissertation), which I left to pursue a call to ministry. Later, I completed my second Master's Degree at Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago as a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Studies. I work at Moody radio as a Data Specialist, and am a Pastoral Counselor helping people in domestic violence situations, trauma, etc.

After completing my studies, I dedicated myself to individual development by helping guide others. Presently, I counsel those in need. I find joy in helping people rebuild thier lives. 

I'm also a life coach and motivational speaker. 

Like many other conservatives, I just could not accept the sexual/political agenda forced upon our young children. 

I never before ran for a state office (I did run for school board in New Lenox, IL), but I felt the call to do so because of our children. As a young child, I myself was sexually abused; thus I became a child advocate and a defender of children's rights. We have to protect the innocent from this pressed manipulation that is exposing young minds to sexual ideologies at such a young age... especially coming from people we should be able to trust. We have to make an impact now for future generations. I also believe in parental rights. It shouldn't be the teacher raising the child; the parent should have full control over topics of morality. No teacher should have the right to direct their beliefs into our children. Although many teachers are amazing and would never try to impress their political (and/or sexuality) beliefs on children, the loudest and most egregious seem to think it is acceptable. It is unpredictable whether or not children in public schools are going to be placed with a teacher who brainwashes our children into their political agendas.

In addition, I want to lower taxes by working with my legislative partners. There is no reason our seniors should pay up to $10,000 a year in taxes when their children are already grown and moved on. This tax revenue is directed toward classrooms in a minute way; rather, it is used for needless/reckless spending, inefficient use of funds, administrative overhead, and paying extreme salaries to administrative officials. I would also like to revamp our education curriculum. It's time our students graduate at the reading level respective to their grade, and are much more prepared for college and the workforce. I also will support trade schools.

Why am I running? Simple. The call of the Lord. 

After Roe versus Wade was overturned, I was overcome with joy because I was so happy that so many lives would be saved. This compelled me to attend a local Republican meeting, after which I was asked by a county board member to consider running for school board. I told him that I wasn’t looking to run (I thought I would be doing something simple/small like cleaning bathrooms, putting a sign in my yard, or passing out fliers), but I would pray about it for three days, during which I felt compelled to run. On the third day, I felt like the Lord had said, "Why not? If it’s my will, you’ll get in. If it’s not my will, you won’t. Either way, you’re in my will." And then I felt total peace, as I knew that no matter what, I’d be serving the Lord in the exact way He would have me serve Him. 

Looking a little further back into my motivation for running for public office, I grew up in a home where I was physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused. This motivated me eventually to become an advocate for the underdog. This specifically took me to the area of working with children who are experiencing similar things to what I had experienced. At one point, I worked with sex trafficked children; however, I am now a Pastoral Counselor working with children and adults. As well, I work with children/adults in ministry and non-ministry volunteer/mentoring settings.

I stand for several things: 

◦ Doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing, even in the face of adversity

◦ The United States Constitution, and maintaining its purity

◦ Standing by the Truth, even when it is difficult, and even when I must admit hard things to myself (introspection)

◦ Standing up for what I believe in 100% of the time

◦ Knowing when it’s a good time to keep quiet and listen

◦ The cowboy code of honor

◦ Speaking truth in love, yet having enough respect to be direct 

◦ Being someone who strives to create unity, yet does not tolerate disrespect, unkindness, rudeness, or hatefulness 

I will fight for:

◦ Constitutional Purity and Rights

◦ ...there to be unequivocally no walls up preventing, inhibiting, or hindering constitutional rights (e.g., the Second Amendment)

◦ For the Constitution to be upheld (e.g., Illegal Immigration issues)

◦ Ceasing all Illegal Immigration (not all "immigration," mind you, only that which is illegal; I am all for legally entering the United States as a "Legal Immigrant"); thousands upon thousands of undocumented children are flooding across the border into sex traffickers' delight... the United States is one of the world's top hotspots for the distribution of minors for the purposes of sex trafficking/human trafficking, seemingly creating even more asperity for those coming across the border who are seeking a "better" home. Does this not lack in compassion?

◦ Parental rights— your voice deserves to be heard— your children and their futures are at stake

◦ Taxpayer rights— your voice also matters— you pay your equal share of taxes, and you deserve to be heard

◦ Protecting vulnerable minds and prioritizing mental health

◦ Quality education and technology

◦ School safety for our children, school choice, and parent's rights

◦ Efficient use of funds, lower taxes, and tax rebates, starting with a Zero-Balance Budget

I do not want your support unless you feel I’ve earned it, or my character warrants it. If you feel this is true, I would appreciate your support in any way possible, especially in prayer.

If you wish to contribute financially, I would be grateful: 

PayPal - @Gasca4Senate


Thank you for your time. I am honored you took your time to support me! God bless you,

Samantha Jean Gasca


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